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Classical Restoration

South Florida’s modern architecture began building its now, historical foundation beginning in 1923 until 1943, with defined Mediterranean, Streamline Moderne and Art Deco designs. Many of these private and commercial limited structures are being passed down through generations or resold to home owners or commercial developers. Each new property owner wants to revitalize the classical spirit and equally adapt with faithful preservation and modern functionality.

IKON Construction Group offers this niche clientele a high standard of personalized customer relations and professional restoration services. Our team identifies specific vintage elements of the exterior and interior design structure and characteristics while retaining, enhancing and respecting its integrity.  We maintain excellent communication with architects, owners, contractors and suppliers for a seamless experience.

We take great pride in our creative abilities to re-envision the classics and implement innovative modern-day amenities. IKON Construction Group fuses together the scale of interior spaces, arrangement of rooms and the structure’s relation to, the landscape and exterior surroundings using current flexible sustainable design and environmentally-friendly products and techniques. The lasting results make the space useful to modern-day occupants and preserve the vintage value.