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New Construction

  • Are you looking to construct a uniquely designed, timeless and function-able residence or commercial property from the bottom up?
  • Do you desire a modern minimalistic or contemporary, yet warm and inviting approachable home or business?
  • What makes IKON Construction Group unrivaled in the real estate construction? Why its, modernistic and innovative designs along with a commitment to create “livable works of art.” Each architecture is customized to meet the modern lifestyle, tone and taste of its inhabitants, while respecting the environment.

    The team of professional and highly experienced craftsmen, fused with human engineering and diverse exceptional quality materials, range from manufactured to organic supplies to perfectly complete the artistic composition.

    The driving force behind each inspired development is the passion of Owner and President of IKON Construction Group, Gil Suissa. Gil’s philosophy of designing structures is to keep lifestyle and its environment in harmony. Each IKON constructed residence leaves a timeless and valuable signature structure.