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Structural Work

IKON Construction Group collaborates with clients to improve infrastructure by identifying and assessing structural construction, repair and maintenance to provide effective and lasting solutions for demanding engineering and construction challenges.Our goal is to integrate specialty contracting services to improve, protect, and enhance the existing infrastructure with owners directly, aligning in with partnership with our experienced designers and contractors.

There are many factors for increasing or restoring the structural capacity including; code changes, changes in use (which increase service loads) and deficiencies within the structure caused by errors in design or construction, or loss of capacity due to deterioration. We develop and implement additional structural upgrade and strengthening for long-term and sustainable solutions.

A structure must be designed to withstand the likely forces of our tropical Mother Nature it will encounter along with the common forces such as, heavy rains, wind load, dead load (the actual weight of the structure itself) and live load (people or stored materials).

IKON Construction Group, a South Florida based company since 2001, understands the critical impact weather plays in the erosion and deterioration of building structures and provides invaluable safety in reinforcing, improving and eradicating structural fragility.